SPMF | Sanwa Press Mold Foam

SPMF | Sanwa Press Mold Foam


About SPMF
SPMF is an acronym for Sanwa Press Mold Foam, which is a processing technology that molds polyethylene foam into any three-dimensional shape by applying heat and pressure.

SPMF | Sanwa Press Mold Foam
  • Features
  • – Can achieve various three-dimensional shapes
  • – Supports small-lot production
  • – Composite molding with other materials possible, such as imbedding metal fittings within the object
  • – Diverse surface textures available with embossed shapes
  • – A wide selection of colors and combinations of colors is available
  • – Items are light, buoyant and do not absorb water
  • – Has excellent heat-insulating and cushioning properties, along with being weather- and chemical-resistant

Direction and product design: TORAFU ARCHITECTS
Manufacturing and sales: Sanwa Kako Co., Ltd.
Production: Material ConneXion Tokyo



A light, resilient and water resistant stool. It features a handle for portability, so it can be used at the desired location.

The seat is a mold of different-colored polyethylene foam with SPMF (Sanwa Press Mold Foam) technology to create colorful checkered patterns. The finished pattern differs in each product, allowing users to enjoy the subtle nuances in layered colors, transparency, solidity and form.

a seat molding with SPMF a seat molding with SPMF

The series offers three colors: White (the seat is yellow and gray), gray (the seat is blue and orange) and beige (the seat is green and white), livening up spaces with their checkered prints.

Size: 305mm in diameter, 420mm height
Price: 12,000yen (excluding tax)

SPONGE STOOL|Color variations|WHITE


SPONGE STOOL|Color variations|GRAY


SPONGE STOOL|Color variations|BEIGE


Material: Polyethylene foam Due to the material's properties, long-term use will result in wrinkles, etc. on the product surface. Due to the manufacturing methods used, the checkered patterns will vary from product to product. Due to the product's properties, there will be slight deviations in size and curvature, but this will not pose any problems during use. The materials in this product may produce a distinct smell, but this does not have any effect on the human body. Refrain from using the product near heaters or other sources of heat. Doing so may cause the product to warp or break, and may cause fires. Refrain from using or storing the product in direct sunlight or in high temperatures and humidity. Doing so may cause the product to warp or break, and may cause fading and deterioration. Refrain from standing on the seat of the product. Doing so may cause falls and injuries. Place the product in a flat and level area, and refrain from placing the product on slippery floors or areas where falling is possible such as stairways. The legs and seat of the product have been anchored together with adhesives, but there is a possibility of these parts coming apart. In this case, using rubber-based adhesives for repairs is recommended.


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SPMF | Sanwa Press Mold Foam